Serviceable 3.8 V Li-ion, 2100mAh battery in Samsung Galaxy S3

battery in samsung galaxy s3Galaxy S3 from Samsung has serviceable 3.8 V, 2100 mAh Lithium ion battery. Modular product design where product can be easily replaced is most preferred now a days by users. Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone design comes with such a feature. From camera, back panel, battery, boards to chips are all replaceable.

Galaxy S3 is with excellent battery life has well-packaged interior and a more robust removable battery cover. Samsung advises to refer guide or manual before using the battery. The battery cover is made of the polycarbonate material as of the rest of the body.

Battery can be easily switched in and out and the Samsung Galaxy S3 with battery is 3.8 V, 2100 mAh. 2100 mAh is equivalent to 7560 Coulombs of electric charge. This is same amount of charge as that of a 3.8V, 7.98 Wh battery.

Good battery life in Galaxy S3 Smartphone makes it a tough competitor to iPhone. Let us know how much hour Galaxy S3 gives you the battery backup?

  • Nagakraj

    Cool Buddy. But don`t forget in 2016 Windows Phone will be in Top.

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  • Dnel411

    This battery does not last long at all in my Samsung galaxy S3. I’ve read several blogs & apparently I didn’t charge the battery fully before using it, so it’s my fault. I don’t even use the phone & the battery loses charge by being in my pocket by about 10% every hour. I’m at a loss. I’ve read other people’s posts that say that their battery works just fine.

    • atozadmin

      May be common problem in Galaxy S3. Also most of the smartphones battery does not long due to lot of power consumption.

    • Abc

      I did it correctly for the 1st charge. Same for me 10% per hour with a NORMAL use. Great phone, but i m disapointed by battery autonomy.

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